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Kitchen by Herzenberg

​At Kitchens and Baths by Herzenberg, our long-standing credo and commitment to our customers has always been founded upon our desire to produce Innovative Designs, provide only Quality Products, offer Exacting Expert Installation and maintain an Unshakable Commitment to Customer Service.

Established by Jerry and Helen Herzenberg way back in 1949, we have always provided two ways to work with our customers:

1. ) A full service approach  2.) A design & materials-only approach.

We take great pride in our long-standing reputation for dependable, beautiful work, an expert design team and first-rate customer service. Whether you are seeking new construction or a remodel, at your home or business, Kitchens and Baths by Herzenberg can advise, design and guide you through the complete project.

Come visit our Showroom today and speak with a creative consultant to begin building your perfect space. We serve Wester Massachusetts and Connecticut areas.

Your design is our business.


​The design is the basis of the entire project. Once that is settled, the decorating choices, textures, colors, woods, stone and tile can flow more easily and realistically.  Our experienced designers will communicate clearly with you, and may have their own insights to share, which can be very revealing as they would be based upon thousands of hours of hands-on building and remodeling experience.

Contact Kitchens & Baths by Herzenberg today to begin building your dream room.


Kitchens and Baths by Herzenberg is regularly involved in simple and luxury home and business designing. From kitchens and baths to foyers, custom cabinetry, laundry rooms, study areas, home offices and so much more. We have even had a few RVs parked in our lot for custom kitchen installations.

Over the years we have participated in more than 7,000 projects throughout the Pioneer Valley and beyond. We have seen countless styles, fads and trends come and go. Therefore, we have come to know what is classic and enduring. Additionally, we are honored to be working for the children of our original customers! Testimony from the generations.

Include Kitchens and Baths by Herzenberg in your home or business design plans by contacting us today.

Your design is our business.

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