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​At Kitchens & Baths by Herzenberg, our long-standing credo and commitment to our customers has always been founded upon our desire to produce Innovative Designs, provide only Quality Products, offer Exacting Expert Installation and maintain an Unshakable Commitment to Customer Service.

Our showroom is located in Agawam, MA and we are proudly serving Western Massachusetts and Connecticut areas.

Our History

Established by Jerry and Helen Herzenberg way back in 1949, we’ve always provided two ways to work with us: 1- A full service approach, or, 2- A design & materials-only approach.  We take great pride in our long-standing reputation for dependable, beautiful work, along with our innovative design and decorating techniques.


Back in the 50’s, Jerry and Helen Herzenberg were the featured front-page cover story on the very first edition of Kitchen Business Magazine, which is still publishing and still the leading kitchen industry trade magazine.  The kitchen industry was brand new in 1949 when the showroom was across the street from our current location, and we are still in touch with service projects from that time!  Helen’s artistic touches and Jerry’s beautiful designs were locally famous and some people even put our name in the description when selling their homes.


As the kitchen industry matured, our services expanded to bathrooms, family rooms and eventually even more complex projects.  We partnered with builders and contractors to learn more about the business and found a life-long partner, Wood Mode.  Wood Mode is the largest custom cabinet company in the world, and it definitely shows.  Their ethic are of the highest order as they provide excellent service and produce sophisticated elements for our designers.  There is absolutely no way a smaller local company can begin to match their quality, fit or finish.  Wood Mode has a very unique process of production. Feel free to visit their website for more details.


Helen and Jerry handed the business off to their son, Paul, but still to this day Jerry sends design tips and current articles to us.  Over the years, we’ve maintained and built highly skilled IN-HOUSE installers and IN-HOUSE designers with very little turnover. We also welcome the opportunity to work with our customers’ installers, contractors and decorators.

Kitchens By Herzenberg has been a member of The National Kitchen & Bath Association since its inception.  Our founder, Jerry Herzenberg and his wife Helen, were pictured on the very first page of the first edition of Kitchen and Bath Business Magazine back in the 50’s.  We are proud to be able to say that we are working on third generation remodelings for our customers and their extended families.  Come join our ever growing family.

Come and visit our beautiful Showroom and speak with our expert design team to begin creating your new living space.

The Design Professionals
Our Philosophy

The design is the basis of everything.  It’s the most important part of the project and once it’s settled, the decorating choices, textures, colors, woods, stone and tile can flow more easily and realistically.  Our designers will listen to your thoughts and offer their own, which can be very revealing as they are based upon thousands of hours of previous hands-on remodeling experience.  Let us share our design expertise with you.

Design * Functionality * Aesthetics


Kitchens & Baths by Herzenberg is regularly involved with kitchens, bathrooms (simple or luxury) as well as family rooms, custom bedrooms & closets, laundry rooms, study areas and home offices. We’ve even had a few RVs parked in our lot for custom kitchen installs. Over the years we have been involved with over 7,000 projects throughout the Pioneer Valley & beyond.


We have seen countless styles, fads and trends come and go.  We’ve also come to know what is classic and enduring.  We rejoice in the fact that we do work for the children of our original customers and welcome you to consider Kitchen by Herzenberg in your plans.  We are here for you. Your space is our business.

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