Enclosed is our final payment for the beautiful kitchen renovation you folks did in our home.  Thanks to all the design and decorating advice from your designers; the wow factor comes thru to all our friends and family who have seen the finished room. Callie’s drawings really do look just like the finished room; amazing! To tell you the truth, Larry and I would never have chosen such wonderful color combinations without the spot-on advice of your designers.  Their influence on our kitchen gave us the final “magazine” look which we are so proud of.  There is nothing we would change from the flooring to the cabinetry and the backsplash and even the electrical lighting plan.


Our new kitchen has changed the way our family sees and lives in our home.  Working with Kitchens by Herzenberg has been a pleasure from start to finish. Please feel free to stop by and please know; we would be more than happy to recommend you to all our friends.


Thanks Again,

Barbara & Larry



I would like to take a moment to express our heart-felt thanks for everything Kitchens by Herzenberg did for us. We came to you with a 100 + year old house and a very old fashioned maze of kitchen, pantry, dining area and entry from the driveway. Although we had gone to several other kitchen places we felt there was something missing and then we came to you. What a total difference in attitude. Callie did genius design work with her concepts; opening up five walls, new windows and managing to keep the plumbing and electrical supply lines which went up thru the kitchen to the upstairs. The design was so cleaver and the final result is out of this world and totally surprises our friends who came to know our old house over the years. To incorporate the old plumbing lines for two upstairs bathrooms and never know it was amazing.


And the best thing is; you would think that the house was designed this way because the new room so totally fits in. Long live decorative pillars and columns. There was a lot of old plaster and tile removed, new ceilings, windows, doors and in the end we have no complaints and it was wonderful to see the daily progress made by the men. Eric, Marieusz, Steve and everyone who worked in our home was respectful, cleaned up after themselves and took the time to answer our questions and to go out of their way to accommodate our wishes. Their workmanship was of such high standards that our pickiest "friends and relatives" can find no fault and that is saying something. We would and will highly recommend Kitchens by Herzenberg to any and all of our friends. In the end I'll say, "We were lucky to find you."



Howard and Emma


I want to express my sincere thanks to you and your associates for your service, time, professionalism and high standard of workmanship in designing and installing my kitchen. The professional mannerisms exhibited by you, Helen, Jo and Gary gave me the feeling that my kitchen was your most important job even though I was well aware of the fact that you design and install many, many kitchens each year. This type of customer rapport reassured me that I would receive a quality job done by real kitchen experts.


Please extend special thanks to Gary. His meticulous workmanship and pensive resolution towards challenging situations, as well as his organized manner of task accomplishment gives tribute to your business and to his abilities as a dedicated, competent and highly skilled craftsman. We love that man!


The stunning black granite island top and the white Wood Mode cabinetry gives the kitchen a dramatic look which compliments the contemporary flare of my house. The extra touches of the decorative moldings and the unique corner shelves, the custom designed island and the generous telephone desk have enhanced the beauty and elegance of my kitchen.


Simply put, thanks for a gorgeous kitchen.


Sincerely Yours,


My wife and I would like to extend our fullest appreciation for what you have done for us and our family. Our old kitchen had a pinched in feeling for the eating area. We were all on top of each other, crowded in, uncomfortable and there was bad lighting. We lived with that for years. The new design totally reversed all that and now we linger at the table and actually enjoy each others' company, discuss the day and have a better family life. It makes it more enjoyable and worthwhile to cook a nice meal and enjoy it and it makes us proud to entertain in the new setting.


Looks like we did the right thing by coming to Kitchens by Herzenberg and want you to know how much your efforts, dedication to detail and hard work means to Jeanette and I and our kids. By the way, I spoke to my mother in Florida yesterday and she said that it was your father who did her kitchen in the early fifties, in Holyoke. She remembers your mother and father and says to say hello to them.


Ron & Jeanette


Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the service we received from Herzenberg. Your helpful, conscientious efforts made one aspect of building a new home a lot easier.


The design is beautiful and the workmanship is excellent. Thank you again.


Lisa and Jeff


My wife and I would like to extend our fullest appreciation for what you have done for us. Your genuine concern and outstanding desire to make sure our new home was not just built, but built the proper and professional way has made our task so much easier and delightful.


As a business man, you are by far head and shoulders above the vast majority of professionals out there. The time you have spent with us is greatly appreciated and we know that when the job is complete our friends and relatives will say, “Oh wow, what a beautiful kitchen and bathrooms,” and it will be our pleasure to say it was done by Herzenberg.


Once again; Thank You and know you are truly appreciated.

Bill and Rose


We would like to take another opportunity to express to your and your staff our appreciation for your expertise in kitchen and bath design. The total renovation encompassed many facets. Some of which were design, choice of cabinetry, sensitivity to colors and textures and the moods they elicit.


To all of these you were very sophisticated, knowledgeable and perceptive. You gave more than 100% of your time and energy to identify and achieve what we wanted. We were most impressed when initially, you spent more than 5 sessions meeting with us in order to acquire a feeling for our goals in the design of our kitchen and baths.


All of your time and effort proved fruitful because we feel that you have helped us to create a masterpiece in efficient design and sophisticated elegance.


We highly endorse your professionalism and integrity as a kitchen designer and a gentleman as well.


Yours Truly

Bill & Joie


Dear Kitchens by Herzenberg;

Enclosed is our final check for the balance of the work you did in our home. And along with the check, Claire and I would like to thank you so much for the total professionalism you all displayed, from the initial design to the decorating and the installation.

Our cabinets are beautiful and we are so proud to parade friends thru our new kitchen-familyroom. Our family loves it and our friends are full of compliments for the work you did and we thought you should know because we can tell you all really care. Credit where credit is due!


Another thing, not only is the room beautiful but the design functions so well. We were just going to replace our old cabinets with the same design but you convinced us to move things around and it makes all the difference in the world. Now cooking and entertaining is a pleasure and it's made such a difference in the way we live in our own home.


So, our entire family thanks you for your efforts and we will be sure to spread the word about Kitchens by Herzenberg and all the wonderful people who make up the staff.


Many Thanks, from all of us;

Bill & Jane


(P.S. The master bath is next.)


Now that our remodeling is complete and Rachael and I have had a chance to use the room for about 6 months we would like to take a minute to let you know what a pleasure it was to do business with Kitchens by Herzenberg. We threw many curve balls into the mix along the way and you responded to each with creativity and ingenuity. The result is much better than we had ever anticipated.


In the beginning we were going to use a contractor who would make the cabinets and install them himself. When we came to your showroom we were re-educated as to what was possible and by the way your designers spoke, we knew we were in a whole different kind of place.


However, being an old, dyed in the wool Yankee from Monson, I was afraid of high prices. Again we were surprised to find that you were not even the highest bidder amongst the 3 other companies we asked to price our work. And you offered much, much more in all ways.


So, we wanted to offer our thanks and praise and let you know we are big supporters.



George and Louise