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Come visit our magnificent Kitchens & Baths by Herzenberg Showroom and feel the energy created by twenty expertly designed, bright and beautiful displays. Thousands of people have come through our doors in our over 70 years, and the Showroom is always bustling with activity. Our in-house designers and stunning showroom are what set us apart.

Wherever you look, there is something interesting and you will always find a knowledgeable, experienced staff member to offer assistance.

Come in and explore our unique cabinet displays; open doors and drawers, touch and feel the different woods and myriad of finishes. The closer you look, the easier it will be to understand the difference between fit and finish, and to appreciate the difference a quality installation makes.

We are located in Agawam MA, and proudly serving Western Massachusetts and Connecticut areas.

Herzenberg Showroom, Agawam, MA

Our showroom offers you a chance to witness first-hand the decorative caliber of our designers and the high quality of our products and services.

Visit Kitchens & Baths by Herzenberg today.

Let's get creative with your design ideas within your budget.

Custom Cabinetry

All of our cabinetry is custom, but there are many different price ranges so budgets are generally, easily met.  Custom sizes allow the designer to create almost any solution to a client’s needs and it’s always an option to mix finishes and door styles to create your own unique room.


Custom cabinets do not exist before they’re ordered; our order to the factory specifies exact sizes and finishes.  An individual order is fabricated, put together and finished at one time, and the woods chosen are generally from the same area of the forest.

  • Wood·Mode Custom Cabinetry

  • Brookhaven Custom Cabinetry

  • Cuisine Cabico Custom Cabinetry

  • Irpinia Custom Cabinetry


Finishes include:  Oak, Maple, Pine, Cherry, Knotty Cherry, Bamboo, Caramelized Bamboo, Mahogany, Alder, Knotty Alder, Birch, Red Birch, plus an amazing amount of exotic woods, laminates and medium density fiberboard with paints or foils and painted woods and finishes of all kinds including antiques, glazed, and a large selection of burnished, aged and crackled finishes.

  • Granite Slab  Counters from all over the world in different thicknesses and with many different edge details.  There are many on display and many samples.  We have been selling granite for over 40 years and have contacts with a host of suppliers and cutters.

  • Man-Made Granite from Sile Stone, Zodiac, Han Stone, Caesar Stone, Cambria and others.  These man-made stones never need sealing and are available in solid colors as well as stone-like motifs.

  • Corian and other solid surfaces in over 200 colors.

  • Vetrazzo solid surface counters infused with colored glass.

  • Wood Counters in domestic maples, oaks and exotic woods from all over the world, including reclaimed woods and thicknesses and edge finishes and stains of all kinds.

  • Stainless Steel Counters fabricated in custom and standard sizes.

  • Laminate Counters both domestic and imported selections

  • Concrete custom fabricated counters

  • Tile Counters fabricated in-house with an infinite selection of tile and decorative tiles in both man-made tiles and natural stone counters

  • Solid Glass Counters of different thicknesses and colors.  These are really different and expensive, installed on top of another stainless or laminate counter.

Exquiste Tile
  • Porcelain Tiles: Hundreds of porcelain tiles in all manner of sizes, shapes and thicknesses.

  • Ceramic Tiles: Available in many sizes, shapes and edge detail.  Not as enduring as porcelain tiles, but ceramic tile offers glazes not found in porcelain tiles.

  • Glass Tiles: In many styles, shapes and thicknesses including modern, antiqued, mosaic and in just about any color.  The effects are exciting and endless – see our displays for ideas

  • Stone Tiles: Fabricated from natural stone and coming from all over the globe where they’ve been used for thousands of years.  Hundreds of sizes and thicknesses in polished, honed, tumbled and natural finishes. Come and see our many, many display floors and backsplashes.

  • Metal Tiles: An interesting selection of stainless steel and other metals such as copper, old iron, brass and aluminum in all kinds of sizes, shapes and finishes.  These are generally used in combination with other tiles as highlights in the same way glass tiles are.

Sinks for Kitchen, Bath and more...

The sink is the heart of the kitchen or bath and is certainly a low-tech device, but there are many different types available and we use them all.  See our displays and discuss the options with our designers. Over the years, we have supplied and installed thousands of sinks. In our showroom, you will find the following types on display.

  • Stainless Steel: Single, double and triple bowls of many shapes and sizes, both under-mounted and top-mounted.

  • Porcelain: Pedestal and vanity sinks for the bath in many shapes and sizes.

  • Copper: Hammered and antiqued in under-mounted and Farm (Apron)-type designs.

  • Hammered Pewter: Entertainer sink in interesting shapes ready for under-mounting in granite or solid surface counters.


Kitchens & Baths by Herzenberg has been selling faucets for over 60 years and the shapes and sizes are endless.  In our showroom you’ll find faucets in many shapes, sizes and finishes, such as

  • stainless steel

  • chrome

  • brushed nickel

  • copper

  • antique copper


Our showroom is as varied light-wise as it is product-wise.  There are well over 150 lights creating different effects on our various displays and showroom.  Our designers will create a lighting plan to go with the new design and use our showroom lights to illustrate the effects of these lights.  Come in and see the different effects created by different bulbs and reflectors on display.

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